For the curious (and nerdy!) among you, here is a quick guide to the keyboards currently used (in various combinations) in my live and studio performances. In addition, I'm currently developing a laptop-based rig using Apple's MainStage and various software instruments.


Yamaha CP4 stage piano

This is my 'go to' 88-note keyboard. It features samples of three different Yamaha grand pianos and excellent Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Clavinet sounds.


Hammond SK1 organ

The sound of the classic Hammond B3 organ in a package you can backpack! I pair it with a Neo Instruments Ventilator for that authentic Leslie rotary speaker vibe.


Kurzweil PC361 synthesizer

When I need a full range of function band sounds, or high quality orchestral sounds for pit work, this is the instrument I put in the car.


Moog Sub 37 synthesizer

Nothing compares to the authentic soaring leads or massive, funky bass sounds of a Moog. It's a bit of an indulgence for regular jobs but I love playing it!


Casio PX-5S stage piano

Yes, Casio! This is an instrument which has won the hearts of many professional users – it's incredibly light and a superb all-round controller.


Hammond SK2 organ

The big brother of the SK1. Dual manuals, and I also have the Hammond XPK-200L pedals – perfect for those specialist organ gigs.