A joint statement from Aidan and Jean

It is with enormous sadness that we have decided to resign from our respective posts after so many happy years at St Giles and St Thomas.

Tragically, at an unprecedented time for our world – when, more than ever, we needed to be a united, witnessing body for the love of Jesus – a malicious minority took it upon themselves to create dissent and division within our beloved church.

In particular, Aidan has been the target of a wholly unjustified and relentless campaign of bullying and harassment from these people. The church’s inability to adequately address the matter has been hugely disappointing and distressing for us both.

We are also extremely concerned that the spiritual heart of St Giles is in grave danger of being stifled completely by bureaucracy and box-ticking on the part of the Church of England – which increasingly finds itself not only out of step with, but absolutely alienated from, the needs of the world around it.

Because we have worked together so closely and successfully over the years, we are currently praying about embarking on a new spiritual adventure together. We hope to bring you more news of that soon.

We would like to thank the many true friends we have at St Giles and St Thomas for all their love and support. We will continue to pray for you all, and hope you will do the same for us.

God bless,

Aidan Goldstraw
Director of Music

Jean Walker
Ordained Local Minister